The following statement has been issued by Dave Roberts, Independent Candidate for the Middlesbrough Mayoral Election, 7-5-15.

Ever since I announced my decision to put my name forward for the Mayoral election I have emphasised my belief that the people of Middlesbrough must have trust in their Mayor and Council—and that requires total transparency in the way in which they operate.

That transparency must start with the election itself. The people of Middlesbrough deserve to know that they can completely trust the information they are given when they cast their vote. Regrettably I fear that this will not be the case on this occasion.

All candidates are required by law to give clear and accurate information when they submit their nomination papers, including giving details of their home address. It is clear that in the case of one candidate information has been provided which could lead electors to believe that he lives in the town when in fact his home is near Northallerton.

That candidate has sought to dismiss this as a minor paperwork issue. I do not agree, especially given that the information provided by the candidates on their home addresses will appear on the ballot paper.

I do not believe it as acceptable for anyone to be elected to public office on the basis of information which could lead electors to misunderstand the real facts. There is clearly a danger that the situation created as a result of one candidate’s actions in relationship to his nomination papers could produce a tainted process and a tainted result.

I feel that the issue of transparency is so crucial to the way in which public affairs are conducted that, if it becomes clear that the situation created as a result of the candidate’s action can be seen to have materially affected the election, I will have no choice but to challenge the outcome.

I do not take this matter lightly. I recognise that it will lead to costs and uncertainty until the matter is resolved—and indeed I will incur considerable personal costs if I am forced into taking this course of action.

It gives me no pleasure in making this statement but I believe that the people of Middlesbrough should be able to make their judgement on full and accurate facts. They deserve nothing less.

Manifesto Apr 29, 2015 – Video Manifesto Launched

Voters in Middlesbrough now have the chance to see for themselves how Independent Mayoral candidate Dave Roberts aims to deliver a better future for the town and its residents.

In what’s believed to be a first, Dave has set out his key plans and policies in an on-line ‘video manifesto’ rather than a traditional paper version and he’s hoping as many people as possible will watch in the run up to the mayoral election on May 7th.

Says Dave “I know myself that people get so much material coming through their letterbox at Election time and I’m sure that, even if we wanted to, many of us just don’t have the time to set down and read it all.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to provide an opportunity to see and hear from me directly about how I want to deliver a better, more confident and more successful Middlesbrough, where we exploit the full potential of our marvellous town…and everyone benefits.”

“In the video I explain about initiatives I already have in the pipeline, such as the creation of the Mayoral Advisory panels which will bring together the expertise and talent we have in Middlesbrough to work with the Mayor on key issues such as business, retail, education and community and faith.”

“I also explain how I plan to make Middlesbrough the most open, transparent and approachable council in the UK with open surgeries around the town—and, as a true independent, a determination to keep party politics out of the council chamber.”

“The video also deals with the key issues which I know, from talking to people during my campaign, are the things they want to see action on…improving our educational performance, tackling transport problems such as the notorious ‘Marton Crawl’, working positively to secure the future of our airport, tackling developers who buy buildings and land, only to let them decay and become eyesores…and dealing with anti- social behaviour, including taking action to ban so-called ‘legal highs.’”

“Above all I hope the message which comes through in the video is that we really can make things better…and I will work tirelessly to make that happen if people put their confidence in me on May 7th.”

The manifesto video can be viewed at – 

HelicopterApr 29, 2015 – Let’s Fight For Police Helicopter

The revelation that plans to withdraw local police air support operations could triple the time it takes to reach incidents in Middlesbrough and the rest of the area have been described as ‘alarming and totally unacceptable’ by a local pilot who is bidding to become the new Mayor of Middlesbrough.

Independent candidate Dave Roberts, who has already put securing the future of Durham Tees Valley Airport amongst his top priorities, said today that, if elected, he would seek immediate talks with Cleveland’s Police and Crime Commissioner over the plans which would see the police helicopter unit, currently based at the airport, withdrawn from the 2016/17 financial year.

Information obtained under a Freedom of Information request has revealed Commissioner Barry Coppinger’s concerns that response times could be up to half an hour if the area had to rely on helicopters based elsewhere, mainly from Newcastle. According to the National Police Air Service the current response time from Durham Tees Valley Airport is 11 minutes.

Said Dave Roberts “As a pilot I have flown from Newcastle Airport to Teesside so I know exactly how long it takes so I’m not surprised by the information which has now come to light, but what I find shocking is that the only way we know these facts is through a Freedom of Information request from the media.”

“I really do believe that our PCC and the national service have some very serious questions to answer—not least how they can defend a proposal which will clearly reduce the quality of air support in an area which, as well as having significant crime challenges, has one of the highest concentrations of hazardous industrial sites in the country.”

“It has to be remembered that the air support helicopter doesn’t just chase criminals— it is involved in many search and rescue operations, supervising major events and dealing with accident victims.”

“It does seem particularly stupid to be considering withdrawing our local aircraft just at a time when its workload could increase significantly in dealing with crowd management issues when, as we all hope, Middlesbrough move into the Premier League. Only criminals won’t miss the police helicopter therefore it is absolutely essential we keep Teesside’s eye-in-the-sky local.”

Mr Roberts, who has already met with the management of the airport, has called for Teesside to be returned to the airport name and for a meeting between all stakeholders to discuss plans for its future.


BME Network Apr 16, 2015 – BME Network Debate

Thanks to Paul, Babir & Idrees & all at the BME Network for arranging last night’s mayoral hustings.

More of my policies unveiled at the debate.

MIDDLESBROUGH CARES – council to fully embrace community initiatives and provide logistical help. My Mayoral Advisory Panels to include a ‘Community & Faith’ panel, to advise the mayor on multi-cultural initiatives, issues and lead a long term ‘integration & understanding’ community education programme.

MIDDLESBROUGH FIRST – council services that require outsourcing to be offered first to Middlesbrough suppliers to support our own SMEs.

EDUCATION – use our own experts (National Leaders in Education), the University & Middlesbrough College to mould Middlesbrough’s education policy – they know how to educate effectively, we need their help to bring great education to ALL not a few!

ACCOUNTABILITY – I want the people of Middlesbrough to challenge me, I want my cabinet to challenge me, I will challenge myself. Openness & transparency of council is key to succeeding.

SPENDING – my cabinet will contain the bare minimum of executive councillors to do an efficient & effective job. No ‘necessary spending’, no ‘jobs for the boys’ – the best councillor for the job will do it no-matter what colour rosette he/she wears.

FIGHT FOR ALL – skin colour, creed, religion or faith makes no difference to me, I will roll up my sleeves & fight just as hard for all Middlesbrough people.

Apr 14, 2015 – Senior Citizens Forum Debate

Here’s a summary of my policies from last night’s Senior Citizens Forum -mscfdebate

Safer Streets – Get tough on Anti Social Behaviour.
Inter-Generational Programme – youth & seniors come together.
Better Streets – I’m already getting tough on irresponsible developers.
Introduce Senior Citizens Directory of vetted tradesmen.
Shopping Club – assistance with shopping, make it a social event.
Seniors – will have a voice within & be heard by the council.

Change Mindset – Council to HELP not hinder business.
Retailers, educators, business & community will advise mayor.
M’bro will have a 20yr vision & strategic plan to success.
Middlesbrough Council to be the most open & transparent council in the UK.
I will meet with Middlesbrough people around the town every two weeks.
As Mayor I WANT to be challenged by the people & my team.

Must say a big thank you to the Forum & university for facilitating this.

Much more policy to come over the next two weeks…. BME Forum this Wednesday (International Centre, Abingdon Rd) at 6pm & Top Corner Sports (Old TA Centre), Brambles Farm this Friday 7pm.

Gazette forum story at –

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 09.01.50 Apr 10, 2015 – Letter to Gazette – How Dare They

It angers me to read the Lib Dems comments in the Gazette article, 10.04.15 – ‘Final list of mayor hopefuls unveiled’. Their suggestion that a mayoral candidate now needs to have wealth or the support of motivated donations in order to stand, well, please take note – I for one do not to fall into either category.

I’m proud to be funding my own campaign without a jot of help from anyone else, and, if they’d like to accompany me to the bank they’ll also see I’m well short of being ‘rich’. I’m simply a passionate Boro lad who wants to get stuck in and make a real difference, and if that means I’m now branded as being a part of the ‘worst aspects of American politics’ then it is a sad, sad day indeed.


Transporter Jump Arm 350Apr 6, 2015 – DAVE DIVES STRAIGHT BACK INTO BUSINESS.

After surviving his charity bungee jump from the Transporter Bridge at the Easter weekend, Middlesbrough Mayor Independent candidate Dave Roberts is diving straight back into the serious campaign business this week with the start of a series of public meetings and hustings in the run-up to the Election on May 7th.

The first of Dave’s ‘Come and Meet Me’ meetings will be held at Coronation pub in Acklam on Wednesday, April 8th, quickly followed by a visit to Southlands Centre in Priestfields on Thursday, April 9th—both meetings start at 7.00pm.

His meetings programme also includes, (all 7pm starts),

  • Friday, April 17th at Top Corner Sports (the Old TA Centre) in Brambles Farm
  • Monday, April 20th at the Southern Cross pub in Marton
  • Tuesday, April 21st. the Buccaneer Pub North Ormesby

Says Dave “I have met literally thousands of people since announcing my intention to stand as Mayor and I aim to continue being out and about every day, listening to people’s ideas and concerns because that’s what being Mayor has to be all about—listening to the town and creating a better future for Middlesbrough.”

“I hope the meetings will be a chance to discuss what local communities sees as the priorities as well as outlining why I want to represent their interests. I’ll be explaining my manifesto, what I want to achieve, how I’ll make it happen…and why I believe so strongly that the Mayor has to be free from party politics or major business interests and has to demonstrate their commitment to the town by living here and pledging to make it a full-time job.”

“I welcome the fact that a number of ‘hustings’ events, to which all candidates will be invited, are being organised in the run-up to the Election…including an event organised by the Middlesbrough Senior Citizens’ Forum at Teesside University on Monday, April 13th, and another being organised by the BME Network at the International Community Centre, Abingdon, Road, on Wednesday, April 15th.”

Following his jump from the Transporter at the weekend, where Dave had a more successful outcome than his great uncle Daniel McAllister, who died when he dived off the bridge for a 6pence bet over a century ago, Dave is urging people to contribute £2.50—roughly today’s equivalent of 6pence—to the MFC Foundation. Donations can be made by visiting


CorraApr 3, 2015 – Public Meetings Announced.

The first tranche of public campaign meeting dates have been released. Residents of Middlesbrough please come and meet and talk with me at any of the dates below. I will be detailing what work has been done so far and what vision I have for the future of the town.

All meetings start at 7pm.

  • Wed 8 April – Coronation Pub, Acklam (upstairs room).
  • Thu 9 April – Southlands Centre, Priestfields (conference room).
  • Fri 17 April – Top Corner Sports (Old TA Centre), Brambles Farm.
  • Mon 20 April – Southern Cross Pub, Marton (downstairs room).
  • Tue 21 April – Buccaneer Pub, North Ormesby.

There are no restrictions on attendees but I do ask fellow candidates and their teams to offer the same respect I have to you by adopting a watching brief only.



Independent Middlesbrough Mayor candidate Dave Roberts has pledged that in his first week in office he would take steps to start tackling what he believes to be one of the top priorities for local people and the local economy…securing the future of the area’s airport.

He’s revealed he’s already met with, and put forward two key proposals to, the airport management…returning ‘Teesside’ to the airport name and agreeing to meet with key local stakeholders.

Says Dave Roberts “I can fully understand the strength of feeling which exists over the airport but rather than simply seeking publicity through stunts such as waving placards outside the airport terminal, I think we now need is what our most famous Prime Minister advocated…’jaw-jaw’ rather than ‘war-war’.

“As I’ve pointed out to the airport’s management there is an enormous amount of assumption, rumour and incorrect information which can only be dealt with through them agreeing to collectively meet and engage with stakeholders, including local authorities, MPs and ‘protesters’, so that we can all have a clear understanding of their plans and what they need to make it work.

“I have offered my services as an ‘honest broker’ to facilitate and perhaps even mediate such a meeting and, if I am elected on May 7th, I will take immediate steps to bring all the parties together.

“I have also made a proposal to the airport on one specific action which would be greeted with widespread support across Middlesbrough and the rest of the area and that is to consider restoring ‘Teesside’ to the name even if it was in the form of ‘Durham Teesside Airport.’

“I have a real passion for the airport as it was where I learned to fly as a pilot and it is where we would socialise every week and where we put on Santa Flights for the kids each Christmas.”

Dave Roberts’ says he has already rolled up his sleeves and is ‘doing’ – and his airport initiative is just part of his ‘getting down to business’ agenda which he describes as putting forward practical plans and proposals rather concentrating on posturing and publicity stunts.

Other measures he has already put in place include setting up a series of ‘Mayoral Advisory Panels’ covering key issues such as ‘Business and Enterprise’, ‘Retail and Service’, ‘Education’ and ‘Community and Faith’ for which key stakeholders in the town have already agreed to be part of.

He explains “The idea of these panels is for the Mayor to meet the area’s experts from each sphere and share two-way feedback and opinion on initiatives and ideas in order to feed back to the town from the ‘shop floor’. I’ve been told repeatedly that the town does not listen. The advisory panels will change that and I hope whoever is elected on May 7th will take up.”

“What I want to be sure is that the new Mayor is able to begin delivering for local people from Day One—that’s why for example I have already initiated a vital meeting, to which all candidates have been invited, with the Tees Valley Unlimited Local Enterprise Partnership to discuss their strategy for driving forward the area’s economy and how Middlesbrough can play a leading role.”



10996491_943939488969909_3027153799296870656_nMar 30, 2015 – STILL NO STREETLIGHT JOY FOR TA RESIDENTS

Unfortunately still no resolution to the sad tale highlighted on the campaign Facebook page 2 weeks ago – 9 houses, all paying council tax. Kids can’t go out after dark because of the 6 street lights, only 1 light works & wagons drive down the street. As this is a street in the old TA Centre at Brambles Farm no-one will take responsibility for fixing the street lights. What’s more valuable – light bulbs or kids lives?

Time to change, let’s put people before politics and get Middlesbrough back on its own two feet and headed for much brighter times. This is crazy & I’ll not give up trying to get them fixed even if I have to do it myself!


A huge THANK YOU to all who have donated for the Transporter Bungee Jump on Easter Sunday. So very kind and all money going to a fantastic cause. A special thanks to ‘anonymous’ for your very generous £100 donation – I’m speechless!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 19.26.40


bottleofnotes600 Mar 28, 2015 – GAZETTE LETTER –  Let’s Get Positive

Unfair budget cuts, Marton Crawl, numbers of Asylum seekers – yes Middlesbrough has issues just like every town and city in the country, but how about shouting about the good points? How about being positive? How about telling the world how great a place this is and start sending out the message why investment should be made here.

I’m fed up of hearing how unfair a ride we are being given – yes it is true, but the ‘poor me’ line only turns people off. It’s why Location Location Location jumped at the chance to run us down, and, to be honest if I was ready to write a big cheque to open a new operation, would I really place it in a place that talks itself down – I think not.

We love Middlesbrough, we are proud of Middlesbrough and it is time to promote and market that. Let’s have a mindset change from top to bottom, let’s tell all who will listen what is so damn good about it – the passion, determination, strength and honesty of the people, the skilled labour we have, our engineering and industrial heritage and the beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Let’s shout ‘we live in a great place and it is where you should bring your next expansion, new business of new venture’. If we do not talk it up, no-one will do it for us. And while we do this we can sort out the issues at the same time.

Dave Roberts
Prospective Independent Middlesbrough Mayoral Candidate

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 18.53.17Mar 28, 2015 – PALS MAKE FUN ‘JUMP’ YOUTUBE VIDEO – Got to thank a couple of pals (C&D) for their creativity and effort in pulling this little beauty together to help fundraising for the Transporter Jump – mind you I’m not sure about the me being as ‘daft as a box of frogs’ line.

Great work though lads!  Please feel free to circulate, it all goes to a good cause –

TransporterDave copyMar 25, 2015 – News Release – ‘TIME TO JUMP TO CASH IN ON 100 YEAR OLD BET – On 4th May 1913, Dave Roberts’ Great Great Uncle Daniel McAllister accepted a 6d (sixpenny) bet to become the first person to jump from the then new Transporter Bridge. Unfortunately McAllister did not survive the 160ft “perfectly executed swan dive”, so his great great nephew has vowed to finally collect the 102 year old winnings by repeating the feat.

The 1913 inquest ruled that McAllister’s cause of death was due to “Shock and suffocation from drowning through jumping from the Transporter Bridge in a spirit of bravado whilst under the influence of drink”.

Roberts will repeat the dive from the town’s iconic bridge this Easter Sunday (5 April 2015), with bungee cord attached, and is asking those willing to donate to pledge today’s equivalent of the 1913 sixpence – which is £2.50. All money raised will go directly to Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation, details of which can be found on the – THE JUMP – page on this website.

HeadshotMar 17, 2015 – News Release – ‘PEOPLE MUST BE MAYOR’S ONLY MASTER’ SAYS DAVE ROBERTS – Independent candidate Dave Roberts has today called on all those bidding to become Middlesbrough’s next Mayor to prove their total commitment by making public all their interests—whether financial or political.

His call comes in the light of the fact that a number of other candidates are aligned with particular political parties or have significant business interests.

Said Dave Roberts “I believe that the Mayor can only be answerable to one ‘master’ and that’s the people of Middlesbrough and, when they cast their vote on May 7, voters need to know who has that total commitment and who has other interests which may affect the decisions they make or the time they can devote to the job.”

“I’m clear that it has to be a full-time job and decisions have to be based not on what is good for a political party or a political ideology, but what is in the interests of the whole town and the whole community.”

“We know that a number of candidates are standing under party political banners and that is, of course, their right. But what about those who may have other interests—for example the directorships of a large number of companies, many of them based in Middlesbrough?”

“Again anyone has a right to stand in the election, but surely it is valid for the voters to consider how it would be possible to balance the responsibilities of holding approaching 20 different directorships with the huge demands which will face the new Mayor.”

“The only way that people can make a fully informed judgement is for there to be total disclosure of all interests and I hope my fellow candidates will all support that principle.”

“I note that one candidate has said he can forego his first year’s salary and at the same time says he doesn’t believe that the mayor’s role should be ‘solely for wealthy people’. Again people will make their judgements but the salary is designed to reflect that the Mayor bears the responsibility for delivering the best quality of services for the entire community—young and old, frail and disabled, rich and not- so-rich.”

“Ensuring that those bedrock services can be maintained during a period when finances will come under unrelenting pressures must surely be the Mayor’s first priority rather than pet schemes which depend on an individual’s wealth.”

Audio clip is below.


Mar 13, 2015 – News Release – HE SHOULD BE RED FACED OVER RED NOSE ATTACK, SAYS DAVE ROBERTS – Criticism of celebrities involved in Red Nose Day from a local businessman who is bidding to become Mayor of Middlesbrough have been described as ‘an insult

not just to the many famous names who have helped raise many millions over the past 30 years but to the huge numbers of local people who play their part—and enjoy it.’

Dave Roberts, who is standing as an Independent in the Mayoral election, was responding to a video by fellow candidate Andy Preston in which he said he was ‘cross’ when he watched the programme because ‘it seems to be about rich celebrities asking my auntie to text three quid.’

He went on to say that in his view the celebrities involved should be challenged about how ‘much they give and how much they do.’

Said Dave Roberts “I really think that Andy Preston should really be pretty red faced about this ill-considered comment on an event which over the years has raised in the region of £1billion and contributes to so many worthwhile causes in the UK and Africa.

“I’m sure, before making his cheap swipe, Andy spent many days researching the inner workings of Comic Relief and fully understanding its agreements with Lenny Henry & Co. Now that is done, perhaps he can turn his focus on Barbardo’s, who use this terrible money to rid Middlesbrough streets of child sexual exploitation – or does he not see that from his stately North Yorkshire home. Yes, I am angry!”

“His comments are a slap-in-the-face for the many organisations in Middlesbrough to have benefitted over the years, as well as the many many thousands of local people who have raised money and had great fun at the same time. Take, for example, this year where our very own Anna Kennedy has played a staring role in the Red Nose version of ‘Strictly’. She did it because she wanted to.”

“I do not believe that they—or the huge numbers of local people who support Comic Relief—feel angry about the involvement of the likes of Lenny Henry, David Walliams, Peter Kay and Rowan Atkinson and many more.”

“The reality is that it is the very fact that so many famous names have supported Red Nose Day over the years that has made it such a success. To suggest they should be ‘challenged’ in the way suggested by Andy Preston—and the implications behind his comments—is unjustified and totally unfair.”

logosmallMar 12, 2015 – News Release – ELECTED MAYOR ’TOO IMPORTANT TO BE POLITICAL BOLTHOLE’ – The post of Elected Mayor of Middlesbrough is ‘too important to become a convenient bolthole for either current or ‘recycled’ party politicians.’

Independent candidate for Mayor Dave Roberts says that, of the other six who have so far put their names forward, five are either standing under party political banners, or have previously stood as party candidates.

Said Dave Roberts “What’s clear from all my conversations with local people is that they want a clean break from party political bickering over the future of our town and they can only achieve that by voting from someone not connected with either the current or past council administrations.

“People are, of course, free to stand under whatever banner they choose, but it is a matter of fact that two candidates describing themselves as ‘Independent’ are former Labour Councillors. One became an independent after being deselected by Labour and the other is quoted as saying he is not standing for Labour ‘because party members were not given the chance to shortlist me.’

“The people of Middlesbrough will make their own judgements but it is important that they know as much as possible about all of us who are asking for the privilege of taking our town into a better future.
“For example another Independent candidate states—and I quote—‘Every politician should swear to put Middlesbrough before their political party, their career and their publicly funded wages’

“I completely agree, but I think it is equally important that voters also need to be sure that whoever becomes Mayor really does see it as a full-time job and understands the town’s real needs…by living here and coming clean about what interests they have”.
“Just yesterday I invited all candidates to state publically their interests so the people of the town know exactly who they are voting for.”

Dave Roberts has already circulated confirmation of his impartiality to every household in the town (63,000) and has pledged to meet over 10,000 residents in the run-up to the Mayoral Election on May 7th.

Dave Roberts stands as MayorJan 16 – News Release – DAVE ROBERTS UNVEILS CANDIDACY FOR MAYOR – former Middlesbrough broadcaster Dave Roberts has revealed he will be standing as an independent candidate for Mayor of Middlesbrough.   The 50yr old former broadcaster, known across the    town from his days as Boro commentator said, “It is time for this town to have a voice and get back on its feet.”

Roberts has resigned his post as Vice President of TV network Fox International Channels in order to take on the Middlesbrough challenge and feels only a strong independent Mayor can bring success to the town, “We have to remain above the politics that has plagued this town. The people don’t want it, and the town doesn’t need it. We need the independence for Middlesbrough that will allow the town to develop and attract business, jobs and investment.

More houses have to be built, transport solutions need to be found, jobs and investment attracted, schools improved – and all of this done as funding from London is being cut year on year. Priority must be to continue to deliver first class frontline services to the vulnerable, up to now this has been achieved by Mayor Mallon’s cuts, but we can’t keep cutting. My strong business development background tells me it’s all about the town being strong enough to stand on its own two feet.

How can that be achieved if you have political agendas getting in the way of success? I’m the only candidate so far that has no political allegiance, so call on Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, Greens and Independents to drop the childish political infighting, to now come together to ensure all future decision-making comes from the angle of what is best for the town. The day I walk into the chamber for the first time my message for all will be simple – THE PEOPLE PUT YOU HERE, NOW DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THEM! 

Roberts added, “I’m one of you, just a normal Boro lad with a sound business head on my shoulders and I now look forward to meeting as many of my own between now and May. I need to know what you want from your council, your mayor and your town. With the support of the people and its businesses, Middlesbrough will succeed. “

26 Dec – COME ON BORO – it was great to be one of the 32,000+ at the Riverside for the visit of Forest. Good 2nd half performance, George Friend was tremendous. A great taste of the old Premier League days – let’s hope Aitor and the lads can continue the winning ways long into the new year. UP THE BORO!

CHRISTMAS DAY 2014 Early morning run.


25 Dec – PENRITH ROAD LOOKING GOOD – a lot of stuff going round in my head so went out at 5.30am for an early morning Christmas Day run – as you can see I was not a pretty sight. The run took in Park End, Berwick Hills, Priestfields and Ormesby. Fantastic to see Christmas Day start, first just one bedroom light at a time which progressed to the odd downstairs light going on. Great to imagine the excited kids behind each light switch all going down to see “if he’s been”. Also fantastic to see the regeneration going on along Penrith Road. Ladgate Grove is looking very smart and the new rental housing enterprise going up is just what the town needs. Cold and tired but well worth the effort.

Merry Christmas Middlesbrough!