This is my Video Manifesto. It lasts only 11 minutes but contains initiatives I have already started and others that we will start as soon as I am elected to the Mayor’s office.

I’m a Boro lad who lives in the town, has a good business head on my shoulders, one who truly understands the people and is 100% committed to Middlesbrough – and – one who is ready to roll up his sleeves and create the country’s most transparent, open and honest council that listens to the people and leads the town to a brighter future.

Let’s be honest, it won’t be easy. All national parties say austerity will continue, so money will be even tighter, therefore we need to do business smarter. One man cannot do this alone, but by bringing together the talent of our retailers, our businessmen, our educators and the passion and determination of Middlesbrough people – we can all turn around a proud town and put in place a long term plan for success.

I hope you enjoy watching the manifesto – I don’t expect everyone to agree with its contents, but whether you do or do not, if elected, I’ll be more than happy to sit with you and chat through it all.

Thank you.  Dave Roberts.