About Dave

dave-roberts-suitI resigned my position as Vice President with Fox TV to return home to stand as mayor because I am totally committed to you, the Middlesbrough people. In this role I led the Business Development unit with a project portfolio of around £1.6bn.

Prior to this I was a TV & Radio Senior Executive as well as Presenter and Commentator, and, it was whilst on-air I was given the nickname – Mr Middlesbrough – as I repeatedly squeezed Boro references into every show I broadcast around the world. Well I’m proud of the town and team!

I’m probably best ¬†remembered in the town for my Boro commentaries with Ali Brownlee – Roberts & Brownlee on Century Radio - as well as my North East Reporter role for Sky Sports.

Away from work I’m a genuine Boro fan. I’ve supported the team since I was 4 years old, was a Boro junior in the days of Big Jack & George Wardle and have travelled at home and abroad to cheer the lads on. I chartered a plane to fly Boro fans to Villarreal (The Fans Flight) as well as recording the Juninho song ‘The Little Fella’ ¬†(ole, ole, ole, ole, Junini-oh-oh-oh). Yes I love the Boro and I don’t hide it!

I’m no rich ‘squire’ riding in to save the people, nor have I any vested interests to get in the way of doing what’s right. I’m not a politician nor have I any political allegiance. I’m a normal Boro lad with a sensible business head on his shoulders who is here to make a difference, to give back. I want to bring Middlesbrough Council, you the people and Middlesbrough businesses together. I want to be transparent with you, use all the skills I’ve developed to work with the sole aim of doing what is best for our town and our people – because I am one of us!