Together Middlesbrough Will Succeed

It’s time for change. Middlesbrough cannot be alloManifesto ICONwed to go downhill any more. For too long local politicians have done nothing but squabble, ignore the people and vote for what’s right for themselves and their political parties. It is wrong. It MUST stop – that’s why I’ve given up a very good job to stand for mayor.

I’m just a normal Middlesbrough lad, one with a sensible business and marketing head on his shoulders who will be completely honest and transparent with you the people. I belong to no political party and have no business conflicts of interest. There will be no false promises (like have already started coming from the lips of others), just the truth.  I have a genuine drive and determination to pull everyone together and work with all to move forward to put this town back on its feet. My former TV & radio presenter background will be used to the full communicate all that is GREAT about Middlesbrough and we’ll bring in the investment and jobs we so badly need.

campaignnewsWe pay for Middlesbrough, we use the town’s roads, schools and other servic
es, we build businesses in the town to serve its people, and here’s the best part – we elect councillors to work for US! It’s time the town listened to the experts – that’s you the people!
Whether you are a resident, a business owner or an employee, together we have all the answers Middlesbrough needs to succeed – I will listen because I am one of you!

“There are more than 100,000 voices in the town – make them count – vote for me on May 7th”
You’ll see me in the Cleveland Centre, Rainbow Leisure Centre, Doggy Market, in pubs and clubs or in the street. Look for the Boro badge. If I don’t see you, tell me!

Some of My Opponents

David Budd (LABOUR)
LABOUR Party candidate
Current Deputy Mayor of a Labour dominated council
Can LAB Mayor really work for people rather than his party?
Will he follow Labour Party lines or act in the town’s best interests?
Did he campaign with Labour to axe the position of mayor in 2013?
Andrew Loughran Preston (INDEPENDENT)
Ex-London Hedge Fund trader
To the manor born? Lives in a multi-million pound stately hall in North Yorkshire
Runs 20 different companies, 13 in Middlesbrough
Does he really have time to be FULL-TIME Middlesbrough Mayor?
Can he ever be TRULY independent?
How can he honestly relate to real Middlesbrough people?

Get in Touch

I’m always keen to hear from the people of Middlesbrough. If you have a question about my campaign for mayor, my policies or just want to get in touch you can do so below.

07752 664179